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Jason Schwartz has been a location scout in the commercial film business for the last fifteen years. A full member of the Directors' Guild of Canada, his clients include Radke Films, Steam Films, The Partners film Co., Absolute Locations Services, newnew films, YYZ Pictures, Untitled, and others. Most recently he has worked on the feature films "Wolves" and "The Calling" in 2012 AND 2013 respectively. Additional clients include event planners, small to medium budget productions, corporate videos, web based programming, special events and guerilla-advertising.

Schwartz specializes in (but is not limited to) locating modern and "retro-modern" residential homes and businesses for directors with a discerning eye for architectural detail.

His highly qualified team of scouts and managers provide professional and smoothly orchestrated locations management from start to finish.

Other services include a full array of digital and web posting options, on-set photographic coverage, light studies, out-of-town scouting and any other production related needs imaginable.

To contact Jason Schwartz please send an e-mail to locations@rogers.com or call 416-871-6967

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